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Financial Services

Service and trust are vital to your customers.

Strengthen your relationships with live chat.

  • Build trust by providing click-to-chat access to financial advisors and service consultants
  • Guide visitors to products and services they qualify for using push-page technology
  • Hand-hold customers through complex applications or configurators using co-browse and form-fill features
  • Track visitors who reach your site via keyword searches and search engines, and treat them as hot leads

Financing and Mortgages

Obtaining a mortgage or refinancing an existing one can be a complicated process. Using live chat, your financial advisors can dramatically increase funding rates by providing real-time answers and steering visitors to loan options that best meets their needs and credit history.

LivePerson's chat solutions have a proven track record with helping lenders sell:

  • Mortgages (purchases and refinancing)
  • Home equity (lines of credit and loans)


One-stop shopping for insurance is an enormous benefit to busy consumers. But for brokers, providing customer service can be a challenge. LivePerson helps ease that burden. Our user-friendly operator console automatically routes visitors to skill groups based on product interest. And a self-service FAQ/knowledge base helps customers find routine answers and appropriate claim forms on their own.

Brokers rely on live chat to sell and support a wide variety of insurance products:

  • Auto
  • Homeowners/renters
  • Health
  • Life and annuities

Brokerage and Online Trading

Time is of essence when you're trading currency, ForEx or contracts for differences (CFDs) online. Live chat lets brokers standardize the level of customer support they provided to clients.

With live chat brokers can answer time-sensitive questions quickly and efficiently, covering a variety of topics such as:

  • New account information
  • Depositing funds
  • Support for online trades
  • Administrative functions
  • General company inquiries

Debt Relief

Help visitors understand the process of debt settlement programs, and supply information on legal options by providing instant access to financial advisors. Web advisors can help visitors use online tools to assess their economic situation and design savings programs.

Across the nation, companies rely on live chat to:

  • Provide real-time access to debt consultants
  • Answer questions regarding debt settlement and consolidation
  • Deliver bankruptcy consultation