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About LivePerson's Star Rating System

Live chat is all about providing superior customer service to visitors. To ensure quality, a website must have agents available and ready to answer your questions. That's why LivePerson has introduced a unique rating system to measure the actual quality and availability of the live chat service on a website.

For example, we monitor how many hours a site is online, and how long it takes for agents to respond to requests to chat.Unlike many other rating systems that rely on subjective feedback, LivePerson uses a proprietary algorithm based on key metrics that directly affect your online customer service experience.

This rating reflects customer service performance provided through live chat on this website and is based on a statistical analysis of operational data. The rating relates to customer service statistics provided through live chat only, and does not apply to any other aspect of this website or its products, services or content. Ratings are for informational purposes only. LivePerson does not warrant the completeness, accuracy or reliability of this rating or of any product, service or content on this website.